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10 Best Riding Lawn Mowers In 2021

All three of these leading manufacturers have built a solid reputation for themselves thanks to their knack for offering high-quality, powerful outdoor power tools. All three brands offer well-designed, sleek mowers built from sturdy materials, capable of delivering years of quality performance. Under the hood, all of these manufacturers offer impressive specs with powerful engines and smooth, automatic transmissions. The Snapper BVE Classic RER 28 inch 11.5 HP 344cc Rear Engine Riding Mower is a great value. It is one of the smaller lawn mowers on the list, but it does the job.

rear engine riding lawn mower reviews

The manual blade engagement is conveniently located on the dash. A wide adjustable seat with a high-back for superior lumbar support. A lack of padding on the seat means a bumpy ride on rough ground.

The Best Of The Cheap Riding Lawn Mowers

You’ve also able to raise your seat to mid-back and the steering wheel is a soft grip wheel for added comfort. You won’t have to worry about this riding lawn mower taking up space as it’s got a vertical stand-on edge capability that makes it perfect for saving space during storage. The adjustable mid-back seat means that you can adjust it to a level that suits you best. It’s also suited for lanes of all sizes, and those that have purchased it have given it rave reviews for its easy maneuverability, and ability to climb up small slopes. It’s easy to start your mower as the controls aren’t difficult to operate, and the electric switch means that you’ve got a reliable start every single time. Other innovative features include the convenient 5-speed shift as well as the rolled edges of the mowing deck that helps in sucking up clippings for a clean cut.

You also get an auto-choke on the OHV engine, allowing you to fire up the machine with the first turn of the key in the ignition. This model also comes with a parking brake, and three anti-scalp casters to protect your turf during mowing. This machine is the best in its class and a must-have model for professional landscapers.

Ego Power+ 42 Z6

They pivot through 180 degrees without leaving a circle of uncut grass. This model from Toro is fast, powerful, and equipped with three blades. This electric mower is one of the first mowers to feature a multi-blade cutting system.

  • The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing a riding mower is that which cutting mode you’ll frequently use.
  • The app will also alert you if you already need to switch to new blades, change the oil or replace the air filter.
  • It is easy to maneuver and since it’s self-propelled with a flex handle suspension, it helps reduce physical fatigue when doing larger or sloped lawns.
  • Home Depot buyers also rated this mower highly, claiming that it’s much faster than a traditional mower with better cut quality.

The E-Rider lawn mower is at a higher price point than the Club Cadet machine of the same size we named above, but for good reason. It also has LED lights mounted on the front bumper as well as an easy to clean deck. This mower features a user friendly control panel that offers forward, neutral, and reverse, a 2 blade cutting system, a comfortable and adjustable seat, and an easy to clean deck. In addition to those types, which we will explore, you want to consider the size of your lawn, which will determine the most appropriate cutting deck for you. You also want to consider the transmission of the machine , the comfort of the seat and steering wheel, and if you’d like it to be battery powered or run on gas. We will offer options in this article which possess each of those varying traits.

Please be safe, wear protective gear, and make sure the area is clear before you mow. Lawn tractors can haul and push a wide assortment of attachments like aerators, spreaders, and scoops. But since they are larger, they require more space to operate and store. It has a pair of large wheels in back for traction and a single smaller wheel up front which lets it turn more or less on a dime. It can easily navigate tight corners and obstacles, and can successfully work in hilly yards with as much as a 35 percent grade. The machine itself can connect to your phone through Bluetooth and give you the lowdown about its condition.

Cutting W which stands 43″ high x 64″ long x 45″ wide, with a 42″ 3-blade cutting deck. Being a zero turn riding mower it has greater maneuverability than lawn tractors like the Cub Cadet LT42 above, however it is slightly wider. If your yard is somewhere between small and average size, we have selected the following riding mowers for you to take a look at.

The 30-inch cutting deck on this mower is on par with wide-cut walk-behind mowers and makes mowing modestly sized yards a breeze. With five different height adjustments for the blade, it’s easy to cut your grass to the exact right height. An excellent choice for small to mid-sized yards, the Troy-Bilt 382cc riding lawn mower is hugely popular, and it’s easy to see why. Compact enough to easily store, but with plenty of power, it feels like the perfect small riding mower. This lawn tractor is similar to its 42-inch counterpart, just smaller.

rear engine riding lawn mower reviews

Garden tractors have a larger cutting width, generally ranging from 50 to 54 inches, while lawn tractors have 38 to 54 inch cutting widths. The horsepower of their engines also differ, with garden tractors all having at least 24 horsepower engines which are capable of towing heavy duty attachments. Equipped with a durable 46-inch steel deck, you can cut, trim, and clip grassy areas in one quick sweep.

The control panel includes a digital battery level display, LED headlight operation, reverse mowing and even a USB charging port to keep your phone charged while you’re mowing. The Ego lets you quickly switch between mulching, bagging and discharge with a single lever, and the collection rear engine riding lawn mower reviews bag holds 2 bushels of clippings. You can vary the deck height from 1.25 inches to 4 inches, and do it with a single handy lever — you don’t need to adjust each wheel or front and rear individually. Generally speaking, you can start as low as $1,000 and go up to $5,000 or more.

Cleaning the underside of the mower is very easy due to the deck wash. Riding over uneven terrain is no problem for the T225 as it has a well-balanced cast-iron front axle and durable turf saver 15-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear rear engine riding lawn mower reviews wheels. User-friendly features include a comfy good-sized seat, an easy-gripping steering wheel, controls that are located right near your seat, and LED headlights. Plus, this riding mower also has a towing capacity of 350 pounds.

Disadvantages Of Rear

We couldn’t call this a comprehensive review of the best riding lawn mowers without including an electric model. The Ryobi RY48110 features a powerful electric motor that runs on lithium-ion battery packs. You can charge this machine via a USB connection, and it runs so silent, you’ll wonder if it’s working at all. If you’re a landscaper looking for the best premium model riding lawnmower, then the Husqvarna Z254 is your top choice.

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